I take  great joy in engraving thriftshop forks and spoons. Each one is one-of-a-kind.

They are not for sale; I give them as gifts and donate them to fundraisers.

I sometimes make them on commission but do not accept payment.
You may make a gift to someone or something that makes the world a more joyful place, or I will accept a donation that will fund the purchase of  more thriftshop forks and spoons to give away.

Pie Party Forks. I made over 100 of these for Tucson’s annual Eat More Pie Party. All proceeds went to Owl and Panther, an organization that helps children of refugees and victims of torture express themselves creatively.

Spelling Bee Cauldron
Trophy for the Grand Prize for the winner of the ALL FOOD WORDS SPELLING BEE May 2011
Spelling Bee Spoons
Runners up in the ALL FOOD WORDS SPELLING BEE got silverware engraved with Really Hard-to-Spell Food Words
Back of Kore Press Garden Party fork
Engraving on the backs of the silver forks and spoons I made for the Kore Press Garden Party silent auction
Bronte Siblings Picnic Set
Set of picnic forks and spoon for the Kore Press Garden Party silent auction: The Bronte Siblings: Charlotte, Emily, Anne, Branwell, Maria and Elizabeth
Little Women Cake Forks
Set of four Little Women cake forks for the Kore Press Garden Party silent auction.


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