Spoonbombing: Irene from Spain Checks In

August 15, 2011

I’m so excited! I heard back from someone who found one of my Spoonbombing spoons.
This came in my mailbox:

” My name is Irene and I am from Spain, although I have lived in England. I am traveling for a month I just happen to have found one of your lovely spoons. I stayed in a Hi hostel California and I bought a water melon. I wanted to eat it at the beach so I borrowed one of the spoons from the hostel. Then I have to change hostel next day and I forgot about the spoon. Having a look to it more carefully I realised that maybe someone from the hostel had written something on it, but I had a second check and noticed that it was quite good for been just anyone. It seems like and artist job. I was very curious and I had a look to the website and just found this. I am very happy!!!

Here’s the mysterious part: I left that spoon in the Pigeon Point Hostel near San Francisco several weeks before Irene found it in the Santa Monica Hostel. It traveled!

Irene and Her Spoon

Irene and Her Spoon. It says “YAY! Lovey Dovey” on it.


Irene, I am very happy too! Thank you for writing to me, and for traveling the world and paying attention to the little details in it.

Point Loma Spoons

The spoons I left at Point Loma


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