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Previewing my annual Spring Garden Party, March 2001. 

Reviews for “EFRAÍN OF THE SONORAN DESERT: A LIZARD’S LIFE IN SERI INDIAN COUNTRY”, by Amalia Astorga, as told to Gary Paul Nabhan, illustrated by Janet K. Miller. Cinco Puntos Press 2001

“The Seri Indians, who live along the Sea of Cortes (or Gulf of California), between Baja California and mainland Mexico, can name “more than 48 kinds of lizards, turtles and snakes” but this book isn’t simply a study of the reptiles. Rather it’s a rendering, and the pictures function importantly here, of the complex interrelatedness between the Seri people and the animals. Amalia Astorga, a Seri elder, tells a story of one lizard, Efraín, and the personal intensity with which she sees him as an individual provides the best example of the Seri’s willingness to see these animals as contributing neighbors.”

Miller’s illustrations are extraordinary. Created using a technique called reverse glass painting, the pictures are precise and clear, with blocks of vivid color and finely delineated forms. The primitive look enhances the primary-source feeling of the text.”

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